International Course

Third Year Curriculum

日 本語

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Term One (April-July)

Students will continue to do research in preparation for their research paper. They will learn to judge reliable sources from unreliable sources, and they will learn how to take notes on these sources for later use in their research paper. They will get information from encyclopedias, other reference books, books, magazines, newspapers, and they will interview an expert on their topic.

Students will learn how to make footnotes and bibliography entries for the research paper.

Students will make an outline for their research paper. They will organize the notes that they took in their research in the outline and will focus the information gained from their research on a particular aspect of their research paper topic.

Students will write the first draft of their research paper. They will continue submitting and revising their research paper until the final due date in October. Students will make a reverse opinion speech presenting an opinion contrary to that of their 5th year speech. In the speech, the student must use logical reasons, clear examples, factual evidence, and strong emotion. They must also have at least one practical solution to the problem.

Students will learn how to negotiate in a wide variety of situations. This will include family and business environment. This will be expanded to mock group diplomacy where students play the role of diplomats and negotiate realistic solutions to complex current international problems.

Students will learn how to write a simple business letter that makes a specific request, makes a complaint about a product or service, or praises a product or service. These letters will be sent to businesses or non-profit organizations.

Students will interview a person working in a career they are interested in and write an essay about the interview. The essay will describe a typical day of work for the person whom they have interviewed. The goal of this project is for students to get a realistic and detailed perspective on the career.

Students will type a job resume and cover letter. This resume and cover letter will be based on the career research the students conducted in the essay above.

Students will take part in simulated company creation, ad-making, and job interviews, interviewing from both the employer’s and employee’s sides. These interviews will greatly benefit students when they do university interviews and future job interviews.

Students will type a one-page letter to a major English language newspaper or magazine about a current topic in the news and mail it for possible publication. The letter must be to the point and clearly state the author's opinion.

The 121 book will be completed.

Articles about current events will be read and discussed. Reading comprehension and opinion tests will be given (continued throughout the year).

Students will read and summarize books (continued throughout the year).


Term Two (September-December)

The research paper will be finished by the middle of October. It will have a cover page, outline, introduction, body, footnotes, and a bibliography. It will be written at the level of an American high school graduate.

All students will give a second impromptu speech based on a topic randomly chosen by their instructors.

Students will participate in team debates. Topics will be chosen by the teachers, based on topics in the news recently and those likely to affect students in the future. Students will be judged by their peers and the International Course teachers.

Students will make an oral presentation of their research paper to their teachers and classmates. They will give a summary of the paper, why they chose the topic, and talk about the most important and interesting points of the topic.