International Leadership Course
20th Anniversary


The Reitaku International Leadership Course is twenty years old this year.  To commerate this occasion, a weekend of celebrations were held. 

On December 7, a ceremony commemorating the anniversary of the founding of the ILC was held at Reitaku High School.  To help us celebrate several guests from Australia attended.  Members from Reitaku's sister school, Trinity Lutheran College attended, as well as QIBA Queenland International Business Academy, which runs the host-family program.  The principal of TLC presented Reitaku principal, Mr. Takemasa, with a gift, as did QIBA President, Lynn Tyler.  Retiaku also presented Trinity and QIBA with plaques commerating our long friendship.

On the next night, December 8, a large reunion party was held near Reitaku.  Graduates from the twenty years of the International Leadership Course helped us celebrate. 

To see some pictures from the celebrations of the ILC's 20th Anniversary, please click here.

To see more information on the ILC's history, please see the history pages.